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Blockchain technology has given the world a new format for relationships in legal aspects. For example, the Tron (TRX) blockchain cryptocurrency makes it possible to independently create a legal framework for doing business.

The digital signatures of each block are formed not by the system devices themselves, but by special Smart Contracts. It is Smart contracts that govern the implementation of all agreements on both sides when concluding any transaction.

In other words, now, in order to make, for example, a money transfer, no intermediaries are needed: the entire operation will take place within the system immediately when the contract is fulfilled. And the exclusion of additional parties from the chain of settlements will significantly simplify and reduce the cost of the process.

TRON was developed in China by another successful ICO project led by Justin Sun, who calls himself a student of AliExpress creator Jack Ma. According to the white paper, the bulk of the code has been borrowed from Ethereum, and the Trona blockchain can use the same Solidity smart contract language while maintaining backward compatibility.

The TRON cryptocurrency has not only CLI nodes and all sorts of libraries for developers, but also an excellent wallet for Windows, Linux and Mac. As well as mobile wallets for iOS and Android.

The main technical difference of TRON is the use of DPoS, it is a fundamentally new mechanism for creating and confirming transactions on the network, thanks to which 2000-10,000 transactions per second are processed, this makes our payments instant! Whereas in the Ethereum network this figure is only 25 transactions per second, and with high network load, it is often necessary to wait for hours for the execution of the sent payment.
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